Understanding Our iPhone LCD Quality

Understanding Our iPhone LCD Quality

There are many different types of display available for the iPhone. But LCD Display's are the most popular type. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and refers to the array of liquid crystals illuminated by a backlight, and their ubiquity. LCD's are low cost display so it's generally been the most popular, however with the release of the iPhone X in 2018, OLED displays are also becoming more popular.
Which Quality Works for Me?
There’s no standardized system for quality in this industry. Each supplier has their own specification and it can be difficult to understand the difference between one supplier's quality versus another. Whether it’s not what you were expecting or those late night emails from China saying they have A+++ Quality, it gets confusing on what to look for. We wanted to simplify this process and give you specific details on what makes our quality stand out and what to expect when you order LCD's from Matrix Mobile Parts.
Matrix Mobile Parts provides three types of LCD display's.
  • Premium Quality LCD Display
  • Aftermarket Plus Quality LCD Display
  • Aftermarket Quality LCD Display

    lcd quality comparison

    What Makes Our Screens Different than the Rest?

    We realized in this industry, quality is the single most important factor to a retailer. Having reliable components is not an option but a must. We refuse to carry products that are not tested or met to our specification standards. We are always improving and researching new technology advancement that can bring on better quality without sacrificing the quality specifications we demand from our factories and competitors in the Asian Market. We guarantee you will not able to find the same specification standards we have set forward at a more competitive cost. That’s our promise at Matrix Mobile Parts.

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