What Really Makes Our Batteries Better Then The Market Average?

What Really Makes Our Batteries Better Then The Market Average?

AMPSentrix Batteries Now Available in Canada!

Ever since the iOS Update, starting with iOS 11.3, client have struggled to understand why batteries on their repaired device show up, “Service” in “Setting” or showing a lower percentage, although other iOS Apps will show full Percentage. From service issue pertaining to problems like overheating of the battery to draining battery life quicker than it should, we wanted to investigate deeper.


We spent months understanding the circuit board and the core technologies involved in batteries. We wanted to understand how the functionality works and what causes defects and malfunctions.

Through this period, we decided to build our own battery facility and control the output from start to finish.

Our New batteries not only passes industry standards, but we also one of the only PSE Complaint & UN 38.3 Certified Companies in the US today.

Battery Temperature Control

Battery temperature control is essential because the possibility of phone blast increases when your phone gets hot. If you are using AMPSentrix Battery then Cell Phone is automatically shut down when your phone warm, but there is no effect on other battery cell phone.

PSE Compliant – Why is this important?

Having a product certified by an METI Registered Conformity Assessment Body, such as AMPSentrix, provides assurance that the product is in compliance with Asia regulations and the required safety standard. Such products require factory inspection and certification by a Registered Conformity Assessment Body (RCAB).

UN 38.3 Certified – Why is this important?

This requirements of UN/DOT 38.3 in which lithium cells and batteries are subject to as many as eight separate tests designed to assess their ability to withstand the anticipated rigors incurred during transport. The eight tests evaluate samples for risks from electrical, mechanical and environmental conditions.

Matrix Mobile Parts is the quality source for iPhone Replacement Battery in Canada. All iPhone Batteries comes with Zero – Cycle count, OEM TI Gas Gauge Chip and Pre-installed Battery Adhesive. AMPSentrix batteries is now available on our site and all batteries are tested before shipping. Shop with confidence.

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