iPad Air 1 / iPad 5 Digitizer Assembly W/Pre-Installed Tesa 61395 Tape (Premium)

by Matrix Mobile Parts
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  • iPad Air 1 / iPad 5 Digitizer Assembly (Premium)
  • Comes with Lifetime Warranty Covering Manufacturer Defects
  • Shipped & Tested From Winnipeg, MB
  • Adhesive Preinstalled

Each Screen is Individually Tested before shipping with the latest software Including colour saturation, white balance, and more.

"Premium Quality" Screens

Our "Premium Quality" screens are also known as (Original) displays. They include original pulled LCD or OLED, flex cable, polarizer, and backlight. This quality is also known as being the best screens available on the market. 

All our parts are tested numerous times in our local warehouses in Canada (Winnipeg, MB) before being purchased. The Matrix Mobile Parts team individually tests every part before shipping to ensure the highest possible standards in the industry. We then use premium boxes to package our screens. All of these boxes come fully labelled.

Our goal is to set a higher standard for cell phone parts in Canada.